MemTech R1 Radon Gas Membrane

Ground Gas Protection R1

Ground Gas Protection Systems assist in diluting and dispersing concentrated levels of gases emitted from the ground to acceptable levels, protecting buildings against ground gas infiltration.

Building Regulations require precautions are taken to prevent danger to health and safety when building on contaminated land.  MemTech’s R1 gas barrier offers a safe solution for protecting buildings and structures.

MemTech’s R1 Gas Barrier is a flexible, loose laid proprietary gas barrier for use on sites with Radon (RN) ground gas. R1 is a three layer, low density polyethylene membrane reinforced with a polypropylene reinforcement grid.  MemTech R1 gas barrier membrane has a distinct Red (top) and Grey (bottom) as standard.

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas which is odourless, tasteless and colourless.  Radon is formed from rocks and soil and can be found everywhere in the United Kingdom.  Radon will resettle into any building or structure which is built over the source. High levels of radon and exposure to Radon can cause lung cancer.

Ground Gas Protection R1MemTech’s R1 offers full protection from Radon.

  • three layer, low density polyethylene membrane
  • reinforced with a polypropylene reinforcement grid
  • extremely flexible for ease of installation
  • robust to cope with all site conditions
  • BRE 211:2015, Radon: Guidance on protective measures for new buildings

Ground Gases and Contaminates

  • Radon (Rn)

MemTech R1

  • Memtech R1 is Suitable for new and existing structures
  • Independently tested by third party
  • BBA Certified
  • High resistance to puncture
  • Also acts as a Damp Proof Membrane
  • Complies with BRE211:2015 and BS8485:2015


Ground Gas Protection R1Memtech R1 Radon barrier should be installed on a 50mm blinding layer, either concrete or sand. Joints of the R1 are simply overlapped and then either heat welded or double sealed with Memtech gas tape and gas over-tape.

Design and Specification  – In accordance with BRE 211, NHBC  ground gas requirements, and in line with recommendations within BS 8485:2015 for design and installation of ground gas protection.

Radon is everywhere, some parts of the country are more likely to have higher levels than others. British Geological Survey (BGS) have produced a data set and maps of the radon prone areas.  The only way to know if a building has a high radon level is to have it tested.  Testing can be carried out by local Building Control Authorities or local Approved Inspectors.

Delta’s nationwide Technical Team offer paramount knowledge, experience and the skill set to identify appropriate gas protection measures.  Offering a unique hand on approach.  We attend site visits and understand your project, think of us as part of your technical team ensuring critical issues are addressed.  Our hands on approach allows us to understand in-depth needs and requirements whilst eradicating problems and making effective decisions.

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