DELTA® PlasterLath – ~7mm meshed

damp proof plaster membrane

The ‘Original’ meshed damp proofing membrane system which eliminates dampness, the effects of salts and contaminated backgrounds.

The surface of the membrane has a meshed key permanently manufactured to it, which provides a key for render, plaster, or dab fixing plasterboard.

The dimpled design creates an air gap, which insulates and allows for ventilation, and natural drying of the wall, while providing a dry decorative finish internally.

The air gap can be vented externally via an air vent or internally using the PT-profile strips at the top and bottom of the system.

To fix the membrane to the wall you can use our PT Plugs with grommets .

Technical Drawings

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Product code:DMS003
Material:high density polyethylene
Temperature Resistance:0.105 = 0.072mm2K/W 1.485
Stud Height:< 8mm
Roll Size:1.5m x 10m
Compressive Strength:80kN/m2

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