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Bitumen free, polymer modified, mineral hybrid coating for the internal and external waterproofing of building structures. Quick drying time.

KÖSTER NB 4000 cures reliably and quickly also in difficult ambient conditions. The material can be applied from + 2° C upwards, is resistant to rain after approx. 2 hours and can be exposed to pressurized water after 24 hours of curing time. KÖSTER NB 4000 is elastic, crack bridging and suitable for slightly moist and bituminous substrates. Fields of application: basements, foundation plates, masonry and the repair of mineral waterproofing layers.

  • KÖSTER NB 4000 is a hybrid product that combines the properties of a polymer modified bitumen thick film sealant and a flexible mineral waterproofing slurry
  • For waterproofing building structures inside and outside
  • Cures rapidly even in adverse weather conditions – Application temperature from + 2 °C – Rainproof after approx. 2 hours – Insulation board installation after approx. 4 hours – Backfilling after approx. 24 hours
  • High substrate tolerance; can be applied onto old bituminous or mineral waterproofing systems • Applicable even on slightly damp surfaces
  • Tools are cleaned with water
  • Creamy and homogeneous texture
  • Crack bridging up to 0.4 mm; suitable for sealing foundation skirting
  • Bitumen-free
  • UV resistant
  • Paintable and coatable with foundation renders

KOSTER NB 4000 is applied in 2 coats by trowel. The second coat is to be applied as soon as can be done so without damaging the first coat. Areas prone to or in danger of cracking should have KOSTER Flex Fabric embedded in the fresh first layer.

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Product code:DMS167
Temperature Resistance:+2°C to +30°C
Coverage Rate:approx. 3,1 - 4,2 kg / m2

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