NB Elastic Grey

NB Elastic Grey

Koster NB Elastic Grey is a waterproof, elastic, wear resistant coating with excellent adhesion to all mineral substrates.  NB Elastic Grey can bridge cracks up to a width of 2mm, is abrasion resistant and resistant to corrosive liquids such as dilute acids and alkalis.

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NB Elastic Grey
  • NB Elastic Grey coatings are resistant to wear, elastic and waterproof
  • Can be used for areas subject to mechanical stresses
  • Can be used for areas which might be subject to cracking
  • Positive side waterproofing against pressurized water
  • Fast curing
  • Highly flexible
  • Easy application
  • Seamless application
  • Suitable for new construction and repair on existing structures
  • Suitable for waterproofing basements (exterior or interior horizontal and vertical surfaces)
  • Once first layer has cured, can be covered with subsequent layers

Suitable for:

  • Water tanks
  • Swimming pools
  • Wet and damp rooms
  • Underneath tiles and ceramic coverings
Product Details
NB Elastic Grey
Product Code:
DMS 372
25kg bag
NB Elastic Grey
  • J10 Cementitious Mortar Tanking/Damp Proofing, 110A Cementitious Polymer Modified Tanking Mix

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