Köster KSK SY15 Post applied Membrane

Peel and stick bitumen membrane

A peel and stick bitumen membrane with HDPE top foil (moisture barrier type A and ground water barrier type T)

KÖSTER KSK SY 15 consists of a highly tear resistant, 2-layer cross- laminated, polyethylene foil with a plastic bitumen / rubber adhesive- and sealing-compound. It is cold applied and therefore no hot air or propane gas welding is required for application. Due to it’s high ductility, it can also be easily applied to difficult details. The sealing membrane is highly flexible, immediately waterproof, resistant to driving rain and crack bridging. KÖSTER KSK SY 15 is also radon proof. This is the best peel and stick bitumen membrane on the market. To be used with Koster KBE Liquid film as a primer.

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Product code:DMS245
Roll Size:1.05m x 20m

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