Koster Polysil TG 500 – Anti-Lime Coating/Surface Primer

Koster Polysil TG 500Polysil TG 500 anti-lime – is a deeply penetrating primer for damp, salt-containing substrates and an anti-lime treatment for new concrete which also acts as a liquid hardener for sealing slurries.

Koster Polysil TG 500 is an ‘anti lime’ coating product specially blended with Polymers and silicates which is applied by brush or spray application.  Applying Polysil-TG 500 will not only reduce the amount of free lime leaching into the Cavity Drainage System but will also improve the water resistance of the basement structure by absorption into the structure and locking in the free lime.

On salt-containing and on damp substrates, it leads to a reduction of the pore volume and thus decreases the danger of new development of salt efflorescence and free lime egress. It also increases the chemical and mechanical resistance of mineral building materials. Depending on the substrate, the product penetrates the surface up to 2 cm deep.

Koster Polysil TG 500 also has strengthening and hydrophobing properties. The material is compatible with mortars, plasters, cementitious slurries and with concrete.

‘Free Lime’ Risk

Koster Polysil TG500 Anti LimeThe British Standard for waterproofing BS 8102:2009 recognises the requirement where there is an inclusion of a Type C Waterproofing System or Cavity Drain Membrane System in a basement whether new build, retrofit or refurbishment for the system to be maintainable.

When new concrete is introduced to structures, there is a risk of excess free lime leaching out during the curing process in the form of calcium hydroxide, this free lime, if untreated, can enter the Cavity Drainage System which can impede the flow of water and cause sump pump failure.  We recommend during a Cavity Drain System installation that a silicfication pre-treatment of concrete be used to reduce the risk of free lime build up. Attention should be observed to dry pack joints often formed between the existing foundation and new concrete underpin, these are classic areas for free lime to infiltrate the structure and should be ‘locked’ down.

Field of application

Koster Polysil TG 500 is used to strengthen and to protect mineral substrates and to reduce their absorbency, even of such problematic building materials as sandstone. Koster Polysil TG 500 decreases the danger of new development of salt efflorescence, Koster Polysil TG 500 Anti Limefree lime egress, and raises the resistance of mineral substrates to freezing and thawing. Koster Polysil TG 500 can also be used to harden sealing slurries. It does not cause shell building. All mineral substrates are suited for application (except for gypsum).

Furthermore, Koster Polysil TG 500 anti-lime can be used as primer underneath subsequent layers of polymer modified bitumen thick film sealants such as Koster Deuxan 2C, Koster KSK SY 15 and suitable as a primer prior to the application of Koster NB400, Koster 21 and Koster NB1.

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Product code:DMS170
Size:10 Ltrs
Coverage Rate:Approx. 0.1 - 0.13 kg/m² depending on substrate, approx. 0.2 - 0.25 kg/m² for hardening of slurries

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