PowerMaxx Plus – Battery Backup

powerful battery backup
A more resilient, longer lasting battery backup for our V3 groundwater pumps.

PowerMaxx+ battery backup is specifically designed for pump applications and has an increased resilience on the standard PowerMaxx. Ideal for residents that are away from their property for long periods. The PowerMaxx+ can run 2x V3 groundwater pumps without mains power for 15 days depending on the number of cycles/hr, sits in standby mode for up to 30 days and is virtually inaudible. 1 or 2 pumps are directly fed through the PowerMaxx+.

If power failure occurs, the pump/s automatically take power from the PowerMaxx+ which will have been fully charged during mains operation. The PowerMaxx+ will automatically recharge when mains power returns.

Installation is simple, the PowerMaxx+ is bolted together with a double chassis lid fitted in series between the spur and the pump, no additional electrical spurs are required. The PowerMaxx+ is part of the MaxxConnect family and can operate as a standby unit or can be used in conjunction with the AlertMaxx & MessageMaxx. It can also be used as a direct replacement for previous versions.

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Product code:DMS365
Size:315mm x 425mm x 300mm
Temperature Resistance:5-35°C

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