Telemetry System – Landline

Telemetry system

We offer the latest technology in alerting systems. In the event of your sump pump systems failing to operate, early warning is of the utmost priority. This telemetry system can be programmed to send a message to a BT landline telephone, to nominated key holders or to your security agents or all of the above.

The telemetry system is a deluxe high level alarm which not only sounds an audible alarm on site but it is designed to send a message to a landline. Up to four pump stations can be connected to one telemetry alarm eliminating the requirement for separate high level alarms.

It is supplied with a choice of ‘pay as you go’ sim cards to obtain best signal strength. The unit is also supplied with a remote antennae to improve signal strength where necessary. For customers on pump maintenance agreements annual topping up of the sim card can be carried out automatically.

Peace of mind
The telemetry system normally works off mains power, in case of mains power failure the unit has a built in battery. All data is saved in a solid state form and cannot be lost on mains power failure or by removing the sim card.

Setting up
It is designed for ease of installation. Once the unit has been wall mounted and the relevant float switches from the pump chamber(s) are connected, the unit can be programmed by sending messages to a landline. Also any stored data can be amended via a message.

Product code:DMS134

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