Water Based Epoxy Resin

Water Based Epoxy Resin

Delta Water Based Epoxy Resin is suitable for all applications where concrete or masonry requires waterproofing and protection. It is applied in the same manner as ordinary emulsion paint with the added benefit of application in damp conditions. Once dried Water Based Epoxy leaves a tough, non-toxic, waterproof, easy to clean surface.

A twin-pack water-based epoxy coating suitable for all applications where concrete or masonry requires protection or waterproofing.

Water based epoxy resin will coat over most other finishes but best results are achieved when surfaces are free and clean of other coatings. Any greasy film should be removed prior to application to ensure a sound key. Voids, holes and gaps must be carefully filled.

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Water Based Epoxy Resin

Mixing Delta water-based Epoxy couldn’t be easier – simply remove the ring which holds both tins together.  Add Pack B into Pack A (larger tin) stirring continuously.  Stir well to ensure that the hardener is completely dispersed, then add water to the fill line indicated, stirring continuously.

  • As a membrane to prevent raising damp in floors or anti-lime treatment of new concrete
  • As a general waterproofing and decorative finish for all brick, concrete, cement and masonry surface
  • For application to damp surfaces where other paints Cannot adhere
  • As a sealing coat for asbestos containing materials
  • Wall coating in areas of food manufacture and storage (Dairies, Grain Silos, Breweries)
  • Tank lining for protection against mild chemicals
  • All other applications where a waterproofing coating is required
  • Can withstand chemical or spray cleaning
  • Act as an anti-lime pre-treatment to new concrete

Delta Water Based Epoxy is the perfect solution for:

  • Basements and areas needing a damp proof membrane
  • Water tanks and sewerage treatment plants
  • Dairies, food factories and breweries
  • Grain silos
  • Chemical industry garages
  • Bunds and water plants
  • Abattoirs and fisheries
Product Details
Water Based Epoxy Resin
Product Code:
DMS 485 (2.5 litre White)
DMS 486 (2.5 litre Clear)
DMS 487 (2.5 litre Grey)
DMS 488 (2.5 litre Blue)
DMS 144 (5 litre White)
DMS 148 (5 litre Clear)
DMS 149 ( 5 litre Grey)
DMS 150 (5 litre Blue)
Water Based Epoxy Resin
  • NBS Specification J30 Liquid Applied damp proofing/Tanking 110 – Cold Applied
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