Roof Guard a flexible & robust approach to waterproofing

Delta Membrane Systems Limited are proud to launch Roof Guard, a flexible and robust cold applied liquid waterproofing system.

Delta Roof Guard is the ultimate solution in cold liquid applied waterproofing, based on the most advanced polyurethane technology.  Simple to install, fast curing, flexible, and long-lasting, making Delta Roof Guard suitable for use in all kinds of waterproofing projects including flat or sloping roofs, podium decks, balconies, walkways, terraces, car parks and for surfacing applications.

Delta Roof Guard is BBA certified and holds BROOF(t4).

Delta Roof Guard work perfectly on large, flat commercial roof areas or small residential roof areas.

The beauty of cold liquid applied waterproofing is the diversity of applications it is suitable for, from basement to roof and everywhere in between. This seamless solution is ideal for projects where there is a restriction of hot works.  Consistent in nature, with a fast speed of application, Delta Roof Guard is an ideal choice for roofs with multiple penetrations or limited spaces such as balconies.

Delta Roof Guard also comes with a comprehensive range of primers, all able to aid the adhesion of the liquid applied membrane system to the relevant substrates.  Fast curing time even at low temperatures allows installations to be carried out all year round in a variety of climates.

This cost-effective cold liquid water proofer is suitable for new or existing roof projects without the requirement for mechanical restraint, welding, or torching, negating any fire risk during application.

Delta Roof Guard Cold Liquid Waterproofing is lightweight, has great elasticity, meaning that it will absorb structural movements, whilst compensating for shrinkage or expansion due to changes in temperature. The ease and speed of application makes Delta Roof Guard Cold Liquid Waterproofing the perfect partner for complex roofing projects.

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