Structural Waterproofing Design Services

Delta Membrane Systems Limited is the UK’s leading Type C membrane manufacturer.  Our approachable and friendly team provide a quality waterproofing design service focused on the needs of your project.

Our reputation and exceptional standards set us apart in the industry.

Delta’s waterproofing design services gives you direct access to the manufacturing process.  Giving you the opportunity of exploring how products are expected to perform in the specific environments, the opportunity of discussing compatibility challenges and the pick of the best material.

Whether you need help completing major building works, new builds, a home refurbishment, conversion projects, renovation or restoration; our specialist team will provide a tailor-made service, designed to help you achieve the very best solution for the most challenging of environments.

From the most intricate detail to combination of systems – we understand the importance in providing comprehensive waterproofing approaches.

Our team of waterproofing designers have experience in designing all types of solutions and systems all over the UK, and they are passionate about understanding the scope of work and meeting your end goals.

Whatever the needs of your business, you can rely on the Delta Team to ensure you get the right advice, support and practical help at exactly the right time.

As your Waterproofing Designer

Our seasoned Waterproofing Design Consultants hold both CSSW and CSRT qualifications and can be identified on the PCA Waterproofing Design Register.

Our team of Waterproofing Design Consultants will offer effective waterproofing strategies.  We will create a clear design vision for your structure, challenging existing ideas with new and robust designs.

Our bespoke design services include (but are not limited to):

  • Waterproofing Design for Type A, B & C Systems (including combination systems)
  • Waterproofing Design for new build and retrofit basements of any size
  • Waterproofing Design for commercial and residential structures
  • Waterproofing Design for infrastructure and civil engineering
  • Waterproofing Design for any earth retaining structure
  • Remedial solutions for below ground structures with no previous waterproofing system
  • Remedial solutions for failed waterproofing systems
  • Podium Deck, buried roofs, balcony and terrace waterproofing systems
  • Roof design (green roof, blue roof, cold roof)
  • Remedial or new build swimming pools
  • Ground gas protection systems
  • Combined waterproofing and ground gas protection systems
  • Flood protection (PFR)

Given the volumes of standards and best practice guidance, along with sourcing compatible products and approaches, our Waterproofing Design Consultants will offer key approaches from design to installation.

Why choose Delta

Delta’s expert team provide technical consultancy throughout a project from concept to construction. We’ll work closely with your team to get everybody on the same page, from specification to installation.

  • Design liability Insurance (PI)
  • Single Source Responsibility
  • Control over supply chain
  • Product Guarantees
  • Detail drawings that can be dropped into your design
  • Access to the latest industry innovations
  • Real-world product knowledge
  • Eliminate risk by the unknown
  • NBS Manufacturing Partner

Delta’s Specification Team

We have a dedicated, multi-disciplinary team creating, innovative, robust, and reliable waterproofing solutions. We strive for excellence and manufacturing synergy, utilising each team member’s individual skills and own unique approach on design, collaborating to achieve exceptional results.

The Delta Specification team works with architects, designers, contractors, and engineers.  Our team provides full consultation services, including CSSW Specification Reports.  We offer advice on how Delta specifications can promote the successful outcome of any project.

  • Education – Member of RIBA CPD Providers Network
  • Product Specifications
  • CSSW Specification Reports
  • Desk top study and risk assessment reports
  • Design Reports

Waterproofing Installation/Registered Installer Network

As manufacturers of quality products and systems (from waterproofing to damp proofing, flood resilience to ground gas protection), it is imperative to work with quality installation companies.  We pride ourselves that we’ve built a team of highly qualified, reliable Registered Installers who operate throughout the UK, who specialise across our sector.

Delta Registered Installers share our values – a dedication to quality, authenticity, and exceptional customer services.

Our Delta Registered Installer Network have extensive experience of working with and installing Delta products and systems, meaning you can be confident of a quick, efficient installation, carried out with the minimum of disruption and fuss.

All Delta Registered Installers adhere to a strict-criteria and are required to attend training as well as demonstrating quality of workmanship before accreditation of the Registered Installer title, resulting in a meaningful scheme that provides unrivalled technical excellence.

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