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Achieving sustainability in manufacturing requires a comprehensive view spanning not just the product and the manufacturing processes, but also the entire supply chain, including product lifespan.

We strive to develop concepts in the development of sustainable products, processes and systems.

We recognise the global challenges posed by climate change and other environmental issues and our responsibility to reduce the environmental impacts of our business operations.

We are committed to managing in a responsible manner our environmental impacts.  We seek to maximise the opportunity to create products which offer an elongated lifespan.

We are committed to our role in facilitating the transition to a more sustainable, low carbon, resource efficient manufacturing process.  By creating products which offer long term performance and protection for the lifespan of the structure, we can reduce the whole life costs and reduce the carbon footprint over the whole life of the structure.

Quality management systems are a good thing – but a management system that combines quality, safety, economy, and environmental protection is far more forward-looking.

Delta Membrane Systems Limited has established a combined quality, workplace safety, and environmental management system conforming to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000, DIN EN ISO 14001 and EMAS II (the eco audit). By doing so, we voluntarily undertake to further develop our corporate environmental protection system beyond legal requirements and in conformance with specific environmental objectives and to prove this conformance by complying with strict criteria.

PERFORMANCE: We are committed to improve our environmental performance.

CREDIBILITY: We gain third party verification guarantees that our products offer quality and a lifespan of products which will meet a structure’s life-cycle.

TRANSPARENCY: We offer transparency on our environmental performance

Today, we meet the strictest standards of tomorrow.

Where quality is concerned, we often go one step further: Delta products conform to a new standard long before this is required by law. The slogan ‘DELTA® protects property. Saves energy. Creates comfort.’ is the guiding principle of Dörken GmbH & Co. Our respect for nature motivates us to strictly observe the aspect of environmental protection in all fields.


The EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) is a premium management instrument developed by the European Commission for companies and other organisations to evaluate, report, and improve their environmental performance. EMAS is open to every type of organisation eager to improve its environmental performance. It spans all economic and service sectors and is applicable worldwide.


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