The future of maintenance processes in Basement Drainage

More than just a high-water level alarm, the AlertMaxx2 EC acts as a smart solution bringing your whole basement drainage system together.  Designed to put homeowners in control, it captures real time data, allowing access to monthly health reports on equipment and alerts users via messaging services before any issues arise.

Acting on a basic function, a high-level alarm or sump pump high water level alarm, alerts homeowners when dangerous high-water levels are detected in the sump pump system.  When excessive levels of water are detected in the sump pump, a float within, will tip up, sending a signal to the alarm control box. The visual indicator will illuminate, and an alarm will sound.

Basement drainage systems fitted with a AlertMaxx2 EC can now benefit from a range of smart features that keep them running at peak performance and advise of any changes to the pump activity – giving you all the advantages on your side.

The AlertMaxx2 EC offers a “Plug and Play” (PnP) facility which permits the High-Water Level Alarm the ability to adapt with minimal intervention by the user.  Any user can simply download Sidewinder software using the QR code on the AlertMaxx2 EC with automatic connection and monitoring of the sump pump system.

The AlertMaxx2 EC is an extension of Sidewinder Technology that helps you keep your sump pumps up to date.  Once the AlertMaxx2 EC has been registered with Sidewinder Technology through WIFI connection, homeowners will have access to monthly health reports on the condition of their basement sump pump system and regular algorithm information providing differential patterns of high-water levels in the sump pumps to be detected. This means that before any issues arise, the monitoring parties will have identified the issued and any required work plus any upcoming work that might be best bundled together.

Kevin Dodds, Managing Director at Delta Membrane Systems, a strategic basement waterproofing thought leader, uncovers how digitising and operationalizing maintenance of equipment can improve reliability and efficiency of Type C, cavity drain waterproofing systems and optimize end-to-end value chains.

“Predictive maintenance is one such solution that helps lower operating and maintenance costs by facilitating proactive servicing and repair of assets, while allowing the more efficient use of repair resources.

Sidewinder Technology delivers innovative software that maximizing customer value to streamlining servicing and boosting efficiency, Sidewinder clients make better decisions and avoid costly repairs should their property be empty at the time a visual or sound alarm occurs.

The unfortunate truth is, that home emergencies do happen. Even those who prepare for worst case scenario, such as high-water levels in basements, may still suffer catastrophic losses in the event of a flooded basement.  These types of emergencies devastate homes, individuals, and families.  A flooded basement is often called a disaster for a reason.  The structural integrity of a basement can be severely damaged, leaving it uninhabitable.  The AlertMaxx2 EC reduces the risk of these disasters occurring, especially if a property is not occupied at the time of emergency.

Collaborating with our partners at PPS Group throughout the pandemic, we have embraced the opportunity of developing the AlertMaxx2 whilst avoiding component shortages and we are delighted to be launching the Updated AlertMaxx2 EC High Level Water Alarm on Monday 2 August 2021”


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