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Our Training Courses are held at our specialised training facilities at Delta’s Head office in Epping, Essex. Our Head office provides an ideal venue and remains very popular for those seeking quality training.

We have 2 specialist training rooms. A theory room and a practical room, these have been designed to enable attendees to gain a true understanding of all forms of waterproofing in both new build and existing structures. Our Training facilities cater for up to 30 delegates and is fully equipped with SMART technology.

Our Training Courses can be booked using the downloadable booking forms:

Booking Forms

Delta (North)

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Koster (North)

8 November

Koster Advanced (North)

9 November

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Training and Development

As the battle for top talent becomes more competitive, employee training and development programs are more important than ever.

Keep your employees current and skilled.

Our Training focuses are:

  • Change: The word change encapsulates almost everything. It’s a cycle process and one of the largest contributing factors for the need of training and development. Change leads to the need for training and development and training and development leads to individual and organisational change. Changing the way how a business functions, competes and delivers.
  • Development: Money is not the sole motivator within the work place. People seek more than just employment from their work; they look for holistic self-development. People seek happiness in their jobs. Happiness brings well-being, well-being brings motivation.
 Who are we?

Delta Membrane Systems Limited offers waterproofing solutions and systems. We are proudly the Leading manufacturer of Type C Cavity Drainage Systems in the United Kingdom.

We eat, sleep and breathe waterproofing solutions.  We represent Quality Products, Innovative Design and Solutions.

We are a unique firm and refer to ourselves as #TeamDelta and the Delta family.  All Delta employees recognise collectively that we are Delta Membrane Systems Limited.

For any queries on cellar drainage equipment, basement waterproofing solutions or structural waterproofing systems please contact us.

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