Waterproofing - The Use of Concrete Combinations Type A, B and C Systems

Delta’s Waterproofing – The Application of Concrete Combinations Type A, B, and C Systems presentation delves into the realm of design specialisations, specifically focusing on waterproofing design. The specialist’s toolbox includes a variety of elements and considerations, all meticulously developed to form a robust solution.  This presentation is designed to equip Architects, Designers, and Specifiers with a comprehensive understanding of the factors a waterproofing design specialist considers to formulate a robust solution that aligns with the standards of BS 8102:2022 and BS 8500-1:2023.  This deep dive into design methodology offers a unique perspective into the rigorous process behind waterproofing design.

In this informative presentation, we are collaborating with SMR Projects Limited, a leader in the field of Type B structural waterproofing design and specifications for below-ground structures.  Our focus is to provide a comprehensive insight into two harmonious methodologies.

Run free of charge at times and locations to suit including lunch.

This comprehensive session will cover:

  • Regulations and Legislation
  • Applicable Approved Documents
  • Types of Waterproofing Systems
  • Grades of waterproofing
  • Ground Water
  • Waterproofing Design
  • Continuity of Protection
  • Substrates & substrate preparation
  • Compatibility of products/combining systems
  • Managing Risk and areas which require further design consideration

Seminar Outline

Topics within our Waterproofing – The Use of Concrete Combinations Type A, B and C Systems presentation include approaches to below ground waterproofing, combined waterproofing (two systems), material/product compatibility and how to specify the correct waterproofing solution to any given structure.

Our presentation will provide designers with an insight into the elements and considerations a waterproofing design specialist will use to develop a robust solution that meets the criteria of BS 8102:2022 and BS 8500-1:2023.

Also Available:

  • Related Literature
  • Installation Code of Practice
  • CAD Drawings

Who is this training seminar designed for?

The Delta CPD seminar is suitable for:

  • Architects
  • Designers
  • Structural Engineers
  • Structural Warranty providers or those working in the structural warranty sector
  • Anyone who works within the environments of design, planning and installation of any structural waterproofing projects below ground
  • Anyone wishing to expand their overall knowledge of waterproofing and wish to have a better understanding of BS8102:2022 and BS8500
  • Those wishing to form a better understanding of water management in basements and below ground structures in relation to waterproofing
  • Those seeking to refresh knowledge
  • New employees
  • Those who wish to update their skills and gain more knowledge

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