Why appoint a specialist for your basement project

As a responsible manufacturer, we care about our products and their correct installation, these factors impact highly on project success along with correct design and planning.  Being in the below ground and construction sectors we’re always saddened when stories of project failure hit the news.

This week the Daily Mail along with several other tabloids reported on a story which started back in 2012 when a young couple wished to expand their North London home, but were left with a hole in the ground and ruinous legal battles after their botched basement conversion resulted in the entire property splitting in two before collapsing in on itself leaving the family homeless.

With the insurance companies refusing to pay out, the couple are facing debts of £1million, including a £318,000 demolition bill from Barnet Council, around £500,000 in legal costs and not to mention a £700 monthly mortgage, payable for the next 22 years, on a property that no longer exists.

We can’t stress enough to anyone considering digging under your property or having a basement conversion, to make sure you use experts every step of the way!!

The Daily Mail wrote: “In this era of endless home improvements, their story must serve as a timely warning to anyone considering an ‘iceberg’ conversion” with the Metro writing “What happened to the couple serves as a warning to anyone considering carrying out an ‘iceberg’ conversion, which is giving a property a pricey basement extension” 

We disagree with both statements, what they should state is: this story must serve as a warning to anyone considering a basement conversion to only use experts who specialise in below ground construction.  Successful projects require specifically skilled technicians to perform the design and build.

If anyone is seeking a professional basement expert please contact manufacturers such as Delta, all will have a dedicated list of Registered Installers who can undertake complete projects.

Click on the links to read the full Daily Mail and Metro articles.

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