Why are Technical Drawings so important in Below Ground Projects?

We all know communication is an incredibly important life skill – being able to communicate effectively is what enables us to pass information to other people and to understand what is being said to us.  Communication in its simplest form is the act of transferring information from one place to another.

Within the waterproofing industry one form of communication that we use, is Technical Drawings.   Technical Drawings are great for communicating how our systems work.

Technical drawings are a necessity for successful design and installation.  It’s easy to understand from the development stages how a waterproofing design will function and most of us as familiar with symbols, units of measurements, natation of systems and perspectives.  These drawings are representations of a final design (the end-product).

We all know within waterproofing design there is not always one design to fit all, which is why Delta’s technical team are notorious for being able to think outside the box and design systems and sketches on the “back-of-the-envelope” giving rough ideas whilst on-site.   These informal sketches serve to communicate a concept, offering how the idea takes shape.

We use both formal drafting (CAD & 3D images) and informal sketching (mainly, whilst attending site).  Lots of our informal sketches are later transferred to formal drafting such as CAD and 3D when we are back at our desks or in the office.

On our website (https://www.deltamembranes.com/technical-categories/technical-drawings/), we currently offer over 300 Technical Drawings!!  From External Waterproofing of Retaining Walls to waterproofing Pile Caps.  That is a lot of information to house on one landing page, so we have categorised our drawings into 16 key areas:

This complete library is a resource open to all.  Our Technical Drawings are available for easy download in both PDF and DWG files.  Please note that our CAD drawings are only applicable to projects within the UK and if used in other countries that building regulations are adhered to.

Always happy to help!

Delta is committed to building engagement and trust through the exchange of knowledge and ideas within the waterproofing industry.

Our focus is in the areas of education, skills development, best practice and solutions that span the life cycle of any structure. These are the areas where we have strong knowledge and global expertise, and we feel that we can make a real impact not only on improving standards within the waterproofing industry but in the manufacturing process.

What we do

Across the board range of projects, we provide:

  • Waterproofing design (CSSW as a minimum standard of qualification)
  • Able to provide principal considerations for a robust waterproofing design
  • Offer knowledge on waterproofing systems available
  • Have an in-depth understanding of BS8102:2009 and its requirements
  • Have both desk top studies and risk assessment knowledge
  • An understanding of sources of water (such as how it flows through the soil and interacts with the structures)
  • Structural knowledge
  • Knowledge of Ground Gases
  • Geotechnical knowledge (to be able to understand the implications of a soil report)
  • The ability to produce a Design Report, Method Statements and Technical Drawings
  • Invest in product development

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