Wi-Fi enabled High Water Level Alarm for packaged pumping stations – introducing the new AlertMaxx2 – it’s time to change the submersible pump industry forever……Protect your home and family with 24/7 peace of mind

Delta Membrane Systems Limited, the leading UK manufacturer of basement waterproofing products (Type C cavity drainage systems) has teamed up again with Packaged Pump Systems (PPS) to create the next generation Wi-Fi enabled intelligent high level alarm suitable for all Delta pump stations.

The AlertMaxx2 can be a standalone high level alarm or it can be registered to connect through Wi-Fi to the PPS ‘PumpSecure’ system.  With a ‘PumpSecure’ plan, PPS can keep an eye on your pump station in real time and detect if and when something is going to go wrong (before it does!). Meaning PPS can be alerted to faults immediately, rather than waiting for a fault to be discovered. The AlertMaxx2 gives complete piece of mind, as PPS will look after everything for you – all you need to do is be there to let their engineer in.

How it works

The AlertMaxx2 when connected to the internet and registered to the ‘PumpSecure’ system collects data from various parameters using smart sensors and feeds the data back to PPS’s Operations Centre.  The software used in the AlertMaxx2 has been designed and developed by PPS (we know this system inside out). The revolutionary PumpSecure system is based on the same technology used to diagnose aircraft faults. The PPS Operations Centre is manned 24/7, (52 weeks/365 days a year) by their skilled technicians who have extensive experience and knowledge within the pump industry.

As the first to introduce Wi-Fi and a monitoring package, Delta Membrane Systems Limited have also improved the alarm unit, these upgrades include the alarm having a stronger sounder, improved visual display and simplified connections.

What will make the AlertMaxx2 a market leader?

The AlertMaxx2 stand outs from the crowd, as the pumps are fed directly through the alarm. With this new way of connectivity, PPS can use the data captured and aim to reduce the amount of unexpected breakdowns by 70% which in turn will extend the lifespan of the pump(s) it’s connected to increasing efficiency and reducing energy consumption.


Not only will the AlertMaxx2 save on energy (saving you money) it will also be the most cost effective Wi-Fi enabled high level alarm on the market.

Test Data

The AlertMaxx2 has been vigorously tested in our test centre for over a year and at various test sites throughout London. You can be rest assured this product will be a great investment.


The AlertMaxx will be launched across all sectors from 3 July 2017, to register an interest and to find out more please contact our Technical Department on 01992 523 523.  We’ll be demonstrating the AlertMaxx on 4 May 2017 at the Property Care Association AGM.

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