Friday 11 January 2019 saw the Women of Waterproofing Networking Group gathered for another fabulous lunch.

The event was not only an opportunity to meet and reconnect with each other, but also focused on how to #Attract #Retain and #Inspire women into the waterproofing sector.

The event was sponsored by Delta Membrane Systems Limited.

“The Women of Waterproofing Networking Group is open to any women or professional in the waterproofing sector” said Rachel Munro, co-founder of the WoW Networking Group.  “We’re a unique networking group, we don’t charge a membership fee, however, are keen to find lunch sponsors.  It’s simply an opportunity to network with like-minded women in an informal atmosphere”.

Georgia Burbridge (co-founder) added “I think the reason for the success of the Women of Waterproofing Networking group is that we never forget why we are there; ultimately we are all there to make connections and help each other do business more effectively, whilst the lunch and socialising are fun.  We believe that a strong network of peers and role models can be the first step towards attracting, retaining and inspiring women to join the waterproofing sector”.

Members of the Women of Waterproofing Networking Group are involved in numerous industry projects throughout the UK with many having crossed-disciplines from surveyors to administrators.

The group’s topics of conversation covered sharing experiences, exploring diversity in the wider industry including training on unconscious bias, networking mums (the mums within the group sharing their experience of balancing a work and family life) and manufacturers being able to produce documentation that contractors would benefit from.

The WOW ladies agreed half yearly networking lunches would suit the group until more members were able to join and then looking to hold more regular lunches as the networking group evolves.  The ladies agreed the LinkedIn Group is a fantastic tool for keeping in touch, however Rachel and Georgia would act as mediators should anyone seek assistance across the fields of disciplines.

The Group is currently looking for a sponsor of the next catch up, with suggestions of potentially opting for an evening meal as to lunch.  The next luncheon date is Friday 14 June 2019.

The Women of Waterproofing Networking Group on LinkedIn can be found at www.linkedin.com/groups/8658144/

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