Delta to celebrate official opening of Basement Drainage Distribution Hub

Delta Membrane Systems Limited, a leading manufacturer and provider of structural waterproofing solutions, will be hosting the grand opening of its new 3,500 sq. ft Basement Drainage Warehouse and Distribution Hub on Saturday 15th April 2023.

Fully staffed and operational, Delta’s Basement Drainage Hub since opening in January and has successfully dispatched 1000’s of pumps, pump stations and related products from the Delta Basement Drainage range.

Delta’s Basement Drainage Distribution Hub is dedicated to basement drainage related products, from BBA Approved packaged pump stations, high water level alarms, control panels, battery backups to pipework and fittings, supporting the team’s ability to meet the growing demand for quality basement drainage items.

The facility has the capacity to process up to 100 orders every day and will increase the company’s overall basement drainage processing capacity.  Delta’s Basement Drainage Hub is strategically located close to Delta’s Head Office, meaning that later cut off times for collections can be provided.

In addition to the increased space, the warehouse features modern staff facilities, and a dedicated training and breakout space.

The hub is creating around 6 new jobs in the area.  Over 80% of which have been recruited from the local area.

The day will commence with a guided tour of the new warehouse and distribution hub, product demonstrations followed by an afternoon of networking.

Christopher Burbridge, Co-Founder, said “We are very much looking forward to welcoming the Delta Community to the official opening of Delta’s Basement Drainage Distribution Hub.  This event will be a great opportunity to connect the dots and put some faces to names.”

“We haven’t just reinvented a product or two, we have reinvented our product range to meet industry needs.   The wheel has been reinvented thousands of times to serve thousands of different purposes. It had to be reinvented because it was being used for different purposes. The world changes from technologies to expectations.  As the world changes, we need new and various kinds of wheels to help us solve the same problems.”

“Delta’s dedicated Basement Drainage Distribution Hub showcases our commitment to responding to the ever-increasing demand for quality basement drainage products. Our continued investment into products is laying the foundations for future growth, creating more employment opportunities, and confirming our position as an industry leader.”

The Delta 695 and 895 Chambers

Delta Membrane Systems Limited, an innovator within the waterproofing industry is proud to be launching a new range of basement drainage systems pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in sump pump applications.

Meet the new generation – with unique design, impressive storage capacity, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and exceptional durability.

The redesigned V3, V4, V6 and V3 foul chambers delivers core performance expected from the Delta brand, not forgetting the all-important cost savings – less excavation costs, less labour costs, less requirement for concrete/steel (when housed).

Whatever the needs of your project, you can rely on Delta’s Technical Team to ensure you get the right advice, support, and practical help at exactly the right time its required.  Call us today on 01992 523 523 or email info@deltamembranes.com.


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