Waterproofing Below Ground Structure for Continual Professional Development

Delta Membrane Systems Limited is the leading manufacturer of Cavity Drain (Type C) waterproofing in the United Kingdom.  Delta Membrane’s focus is to be the first port of call and to provide education to professionals within the waterproofing sector.  We have launched our new and updated RIBA-Assessed/RIBA Approved CPD seminar entitled ‘Waterproofing Below Ground Structure to BS8102:2009’

As leading manufacturers, we have, unfortunately encountered to many failed waterproofing systems in below ground structures, primarily due to poor installation, poor design or a combination of both.  As manufacturers we do our very best to keep a great name for the industry which we believe it deserves.  Our Waterproofing Below Ground Structure to BS8102:2009 CPD seminar places emphasis on the correct considerations, design and installation.

Who is this training seminar designed for?

The Delta CPD seminar is suitable for:

  • Architects;
  • Structural Warranty providers or those working in the structural warranty sector;
  • Anyone who works within the environments of design, planning and installation of any structural waterproofing projects below ground;
  • Anyone wishing to expand their overall knowledge of waterproofing and wish to have a better understanding of BS8102:2009;
  • Those wishing to form a better understanding of water management in basements and below ground structures in relation to waterproofing;
  • Anyone involved in retrofit and new build basements (car parks, etc);
  • Structural Engineers;
  • Those seeking to refresh knowledge;
  • New employees ; and
  • Those who wish to update their skills and gain more knowledge.

Seminar Outline

Our structured Waterproofing Below Ground Structure to BS8102:2009 CPD seminar will provide delegates with effective first hand awareness of BS 8102:2009, the Code of Practice for Protection of Below Ground Structures.

Our independent Waterproofing Below Ground Structure to BS8102:2009 CPD seminar takes into consideration new build and retrofit projects.  We analyse the types of waterproofing systems available and the relevant standards and regulations that apply, along with consideration to the grades of waterproofing required.

We are experts in our field and able to tailor our Waterproofing Below Ground Structure to BS8102:2009 CPD to your organisational needs.

Our Waterproofing Below Ground Structure to BS8102:2009 CPD seminar lasts for 45 minutes. We are able to offer our training course on your premises meaning no need to travel – let us provide the learning while you lunch?

Also Available:

  • Literature
  • Installation Code of Practice
  • CD ROM of CAD Drawing
  • Information on Website

If you would like to arrange a CPD seminar at your offices please click ‘Book now’ or contact our Technical Department on 01992 523 523.

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