The ingress of water into any structure will have a detrimental effect on its functionality and durability.

You want to be sure that your waterproofing materials, such as membranes, mortars, slurries and resins can perform for their intended life cycle and that the waterproofing design will meet project requirements.

Incorporating reliable and durable products into your project will ensure structural durability, a longevity life cycle with reduced costs associated with repair and maintenance.

In civil engineering projects, structural waterproofing isn’t always at the forefront of design considerations, however the Delta brand is renowned for its uses in civil engineering projects.

World-wide Delta have assisted on civil engineering projects.  The biggest project undertaken to date was the Gotthard Base Tunnel at 35 miles long (the world’s longest).  Delta was able to provide this project with a bespoke solution from our Delta Terraxx membrane range.  With its extremely high compressive strength this membrane will easily cope with the stresses imposed.

Here in the United Kingdom, Delta have produced structural waterproofing solutions for the Cross-rail project, The London Underground and Channel Tunnel. Our experience in complex infrastructure projects has enabled us to develop a specialist Technical Team able to support these builds.

When involving us to work with you (as early as possible), we can become part of your project team to ensure warranty and building control compliance whilst ensuring designs are suitable for the project, our Technical Team will always be on hand to attend site, answer any questions, constantly review and improve designs and can easily identify any issues or potential design risks which may occur during the project – avoiding any last minute delays.

When specified with the correct waterproofing systems, all types of installations are possible in civil engineering, however the design needs careful consideration and a CSSW qualified or suitably experienced Waterproofing Design Specialist should always be consulted.

Delta Membrane Systems Limited have a highly qualified professional team of experienced CSSW qualified Technical Consultants across the UK, who have assisted on small to large infrastructure projects.  We work across the board to offer a vast range of solutions for civil projects.  Our products comply with relevant standards, have BBA accreditations and our bespoke designs will conform to the required British Standards of the project.

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