Delta Roof Guard QC

Delta Roof Guard QC

A rapid curing one-component, liquid waterproofing membrane which is laid in a 2-layer system, enabling Delta Roof Guard Glass Fibre Reinforcement to be embedded in the base layer. Offering a faster curing time, as the 2-layer system will allow for inspection of the base layer prior to application of the top coat.

Delta Roof Guard QC (Quick Cure) is a one component liquid semi-thixotropic waterproofing composition, after polymerization gives an elastomeric, cold-applied polyurethane membrane. The membrane cures in a continuous and elastic form, as a totally adhered layer. This waterproofing layer guarantees total water tightness and withstands building movements.

This is a two-layer system, where the base coat is applied and while wet, the Delta Roof Guard Fibre Reinforcement is embedded in the base coat.

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Delta Roof Guard QC
  • Suitable for cold or warm roof construction
  • Balconies and terraces
  • Podium decks
  • Car parks
  • Infrastructure
  • Walkways
  • Ideal for new construction and refurbishment projects
  • Broof(t4)
  • BBA Approved
  • Quick installation times – offering cost savings
  • Avoiding inherent risks associated with hot works
  • Seamless applications – no joints or fixings
  • Exceptionally fast curing
  • Compatible with a wide range of substrates
  • Root resistant
  • Wet on wet application (2 layers laid as one)
  • Fast curing
Product Details
Delta Roof Guard QC
Product Code:
DMS 800
Chemical Description:
Single component aromatic polyurethane
Metal container: 25kg
Non-Volatile Content (%):
Flash Point:
Available Colours:
Colour is unstable under sunlight. This discolouration takes place also in the treated Delta Roof Guard CP membrane (grey turns to green). This change does not impair the membranes mechanical properties
0.99 g/cm3 (20ºC)
Viscosity Approximate, Brookfield:
20ºC, s62, 100 rpm: 5 mPa.s
VOC Content:
572 g/L, 57%
Keep at a temperature between 35ºC, away from ignition sources and moisture
Use Before:
12 months after manufacturing date
Water Vapour Permeability:
μ>1000 (EN1931) 20g/m2 day
Tear Strength:
14 N/mm (ISO 34-1, Method B)
Delta Roof Guard QC
  • BS 8102:2022, Protection of below ground structures against water ingress. Code of practice.
  • J40 (Clause 290) Flexible Sheet Tanking/Damp Proofing
  • J31 Liquid Applied Waterproof Coatings/130 Roof Coatings
  • J31/10 Warm Deck Roof Coating
  • J31/110 Cold Deck Roof Coating
  • J31/120 Warm Deck Roof Coating
  • J31/130 Inverted Roof Coating
  • J31/5 Cold Deck Roof Coating
  • J41 – Reinforced Bitumen Roof Coating
Technical Drawings
Delta Roof Guard QC

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