Koster Fix-Tape 15 SY

Koster Fix-Tape 15 SY

Koster Fix-Tape 15 SY is a distinctive cold applied, rubber/bitumen based, self-adhesive waterproof sealing tape. Designed for wind-proofing window connections and façade areas.

Koster Fix-Tape 15 SY’s exceeding flexible material supplies professional performance when applied in temperatures between + 5 °C and + 30 °C.

Fit-Tape 15 SY is manufactured with a two-layer thickness laminated, high tear resistant polyethylene foil.

This unrivalled sealing tape forms bridges over cracks, becoming waterproof immediately after installation.

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Koster Fix-Tape 15 SY
  • Cold Applied
  • Self-Adhesive Rubber
  • Bitumen Based Waterproofing Tape
  • Suitable for Wind-Proofing Window Connections
  • Highly Flexible
  • Instantly Waterproof
  • Suitable for bridging cracks
  • High Tear Resistant Polyethylene Foil
  • User Friendly
  • Seamless Application
  • Suitable for waterproofing wall and floor junctions in wet rooms
  • Suitable for repairing leaking gutters and downpipes
  • Suitable for waterproofing parapets
  • Suitable for general repairs on existing flashing
  • Suitable for waterproofing wall penetrations, domed roof lights, roof edges, roof windows and other roof extensions
  • Suitable for waterproofing roof storm drains
  • Suitable for repairing lead weather strips
  • Suitable for waterproofing encapsulated screws on roofing systems
  • Suitable for waterproofing roof ridges
  • Suitable for connecting corrugated sheets on rising construction members as well as wind-proofing façades
  • Suitable for waterproofing overlapping roof tiles

For high quality performance, check substrates are clean, dry and fee of voids and edges.

When installing Koster Fix-Tape 15 SY, wall recesses is not necessary as the tape is for common metal flashings.

Tools/machinery are to be clean directly after use with Koster Universal Cleaner.

Also ensure to abide by local safety regulations.

Product Details
Koster Fix-Tape 15 SY
Product Code:
DMS 398
1.5mm x 200mm x 20m
Adhesive Layer:
Pot life:
Minimum of 12 months if kept in temperatures between + 5 °C and + 30 °C.
Polyethylene foil:
Technical Drawings

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