Perimeter Drainage Channel (Without Upstand)

Perimeter Drainage Channel (Without Upstand)

Delta Channel is a component part used within a Type C Cavity Drainage System. Delta Channel is a distinctive yellow, PVC drainage conduit designed to manage water ingress and hydrostatic water pressure in basements and below ground structures.


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Delta Channel
  • It can be supplied with or without a 20mm upstand
  • Drainage Conduit for collection of water at floor/wall construction
  • Channel with upstand keeps the channel stable when abutting the Delta membrane on a perimeter wall
  • Channel without upstand is used where cross channels sit over construction joints in the middle of the floor, when Delta Channel is to be offset from the wall or to join two perimeter channels together across a floor
  • Drainage Channel is used to relieve hydrostatic water pressure and is installed below flooring membranes at the floor/wall junction
  • Jetting eyes are available to allow maintenance and inspection
  • Holes in the channel walls allow water to ingress to drain away to a sump
  • Easily linked using Delta connector pieces: Corner Pieces, T pieces, End Caps and 110mm Drainage Outlet
  • Yellow to highlight any build up when inspecting system
Product Details
Delta Channel
Product Code:
DMS 207 (With Upstand)
DMS 208 (Without Upstand)
80 mm (With Upstand)
80 mm (Without Upstand)
50 mm (+20mm with Upstand)
50 mm (Without Upstand)
2 m
Delta Channel
  • BS 8102:2009 Type C Drained Protection
  • NBS Clause R16/R12 – around water pressure relief drainage

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