Structural Waterproofing Seminars Available on Demand

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 2020 hasn’t been quite the year that we had planned, but our technical team has worked tirelessly during lockdown 1.0 and have pulled out all the stops to deliver industry leading “On Demand” Seminars.

Produced by experts and leading professionals within Structural Waterproofing, our ‘On Demand’ Seminars provide you with the flexibility to learn and develop your skills where and when suits you best.

Our structural waterproofing Seminars have been carefully constructed to develop correct product specification, design philosophy and application suitable for those currently working in the structural waterproofing industry or designing systems.

Our ‘On Demand’ Seminars are pre-recorded and accessible online via our website when you need them.  You can start a seminar at any time with the added ability to stop and restart as needed.  The seminars provide a great technical insight into structural waterproofing projects – from active leak stopping to effective waterproofing for underpinning sections of a structure.

Our Seminars define problems and solve these with both a technical approach but also of one which will offer the structure a life-cycle oriented approach.

Delta’s ‘On Demand’ seminars provide supportive environments in which participants can:

  • Build skills
  • Develop knowledge
  • Reflect on best built philosophy and practice
  • Practice techniques and strategies for robust waterproofing solutions

Benefits for attendees:

  • Increasing awareness of the range of evidence-based practices in structural waterproofing
  • Integrating evidence-based practices into structural waterproofing design philosophy and practice
  • Identifying design, supply and construction of structural waterproofing projects
  • Identifying factors that influence project success
  • Explore industry and regulatory drivers
  • Implementing strategies that foster best practice
  • Assists those who are looking to achieve industry qualifications such as CSSW
  • Assists those seeking approval for the Waterproofing Design Register
  • Awareness of availability of products, resources and services.

Our ‘On Demand’ seminars are available for free.  Registration is simple – either click on the “Not Yet Registered” link on the training page on our website www.deltamembranes.com/training or email rachelm@deltamembranes.com.

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