Why attend a MemTech course?

Gas protection is a technical solution to prevent or to control gas penetration into properties and structures.

Recent years has seen a greater awareness within the building sector of the risks associated with ground gases, which has led to an increasing number of construction projects requiring the use of suitable protection systems.

Safeguarding developments and the occupants should be second to none.

Delta Membrane Systems Limited is at the forefront of Ground Gas Protection Solutions; our training course is aimed to offer experience and knowledge.  We’ve helped shape and develop standards, when you train with Delta, you benefit from expertise.

Our one day training course provides good practice on risk assessment, a pragmatic approach to ground gas risk, legislation and latest standards, an insight into what ground gas protection systems are and guidance on gas protection measures.

Our focus is to provide a training course which delivers value.

Learning is not just about sitting in a classroom, that’s why we have a fully functional training suite. Our training suite has been adapted to provide attendees with a unique ‘hands-on’ training experience.

Course content

A Technical presentation covering:

  • Legislation
  • BS8485:2015+A1:2019
  • CIRIA 735 & 748
  • Introduction to ground gases – Methane, CO2, Radon and VOC’s
  • Risk Assessments and Risk Pathways
  • What is a Ground Gas Protection System?
  • Barrier Protection Systems
  • Ventilation
  • Design of Protection systems
  • Verification
  • Monitoring requirements
  • Basements and Ground Gases
  • BS8102:2009 & BS 8485:2015+A1:2019 in combination
  • Waterproofing and Gas Protection design and verification
  • Waterproofing & Gas protection Barriers

Practical demonstrations for installation and detailing of gas protection barriers.

Who is the course designed for?

  • Anyone involved with building on contaminated lands;
  • Anyone who works within the environments of design, planning and installation of any structural waterproofing/projects below ground/Gas Protection Systems;
  • Those Specifying Ground Gas Protection Systems;
  • Anyone wishing to expand their overall knowledge and understanding of legislations surrounding ground gases;
  • Those wishing to form a better understanding of ground gas protection
  • Architects, Civil Engineers, Ground workers, surveyors, contractors and engineers.

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