Delta Roof Guard - Cold Applied Liquid Waterproofing

Cold liquid applied waterproofing has become an increasingly popular flat-roofing solution for building owners, designers, and contractors.  Likewise, the construction of podium decks, terraces and balconies and extending these beyond the building line has also increased in popularity.  This increasing demand doesn’t just sit within the residential market but includes public and commercial structures, along with the demand for better-quality construction.

Delta Roof Guard is the ultimate solution in cold liquid applied waterproofing, based on the most advanced polyurethane technology.  Simple to install, fast curing, flexible, and long-lasting, making Delta Roof Guard suitable for use in all kinds of waterproofing projects including flat or sloping roofs, podium decks, balconies, walkways, terraces, car parks and for surfacing applications.

Delta Roof guard, cold applied liquid systems hold fire classification Broof(t4) for compliance with building regulations.

Whilst bridging the design gap between above and below ground waterproofing.


  • Protection to deck surfaces
  • Prevention of water ingress to spaces below, and
  • Prevention of water ingress to adjacent structures

Cold Liquid waterproofing is fast becoming a popular choice due to its simplicity of installation, offering a continuous, seamless, and versatile approach to waterproofing.

Delta Roof Guard CP and QC practically bonds directly to substrates, providing a seamless, UV-stable membrane that does not delaminate.  Due to its flexible nature Delta Roof Guard follows the contours of any roof shape allowing for intricate detailing.  Once cured, Delta Roof Guard achieves a seamless finish with no joints or breaks.  Offering rapid curing even in winter months!

Delta Roof Guard also comes with a comprehensive range of primers, all able to aid the adhesion of the liquid applied membrane system to the relevant substrates.

Delta Roof Guard cold liquid waterproofing is lightweight, has great elasticity, meaning that it will absorb structural movements, whilst compensating for shrinkage or expansion due to changes in temperature.  The ease and speed of application makes Delta Roof Guard Cold Liquid Waterproofing the perfect partner for complex roofing projects.

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