Delta Pumps celebrates 1st Anniversary – Basement Drainage Distribution Hub

Delta Pumps – dedicated Basement Drainage Distribution Hub celebrates its one-year anniversary of opening.

Delta Pumps – Basement Drainage Distribution Hub, a 3,500 sq. ft warehouse dedicated to all things pumps and basement drainage related, first opened its doors on 1 January 2023 and is already a hit with basement drainage specialist contractors providing a range of services from bespoke pump station fabrication, technician training to dispatching pump systems and basement drainage related products, from BBA Approved packaged pump stations, high water level alarms, control panels, battery backups to pipework and fittings.

To celebrate the occasion the Delta team took time out to reflect on their achievements and cut into a delicious celebratory cake!

In its first 12 months, the Delta Pumps Distribution Hub has truly established itself as a practical yet welcoming ‘go-to’ venue for all things basement drainage and basement pump solutions.

Kevin Dodds, Delta’s Managing Director said “We couldn’t be more pleased with how Delta Pumps and its Basement Drainage Distribution Hub has established itself within the industry in such a short space of time.  Jason, Luke, and the team have been amazing and have worked tirelessly to bring together so many systems and solutions under one roof.”

“Delta’s dedicated Basement Drainage Distribution Hub highlights our commitment to responding to the ever-increasing demand for quality products in our industry and in single source accountability. Our continued investment into products under this single source accountability is laying the foundations for future growth, creating more employment opportunities, and confirming our position as an industry leader.”

What are basement drainage systems?

A key component of a Type C, Drained Protection System is the drainage system.  Often referred to in the industry as ‘basement drainage’ or ‘basement drainage systems’.

Type C, systems are water management systems.  The Type C System manages water that penetrates the external shell of a structure by collecting it in a cavity form between the external wall and an internal lining/wall.   There is permanent reliance on this cavity to collect ground water seepage and direct it to a suitable discharge point.   For Type C, Cavity Drainage Systems to function as intended, water ingress should be removed by gravity drain or mechanical pumping.

The purpose of a sump chamber is to collect and discharge (to a suitable evacuation point) any water ingress which has collected in the Type C, cavity drained protection system.

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