Delta’s new HLA range

Delta’s new HLA range

The function of a high-water level alarm within sump pump (submersible pump) chambers is to draw attention to unusual activity within a pump sump chamber.

High level alarms are used to provide a warning.  The rules and regulations covering basement drainage systems, and the ancillaries required, will vary from project to project, although demands for higher quality, reduced risk, and a desire to promote best practice are all moving in the same direction.

Delta’s HLA (High Water Level Alarm) can be used in conjunction with a Delta Type C, Cavity Drain Protection system or as a standalone unit, in foul application.  Should water levels rise to a high point within the pump chamber, an alarm sounds, to draw the attention of a property occupier.

Sump pumps operate without constant supervision (which includes most basement drainage systems across the UK), as can be seen, the dangers of an excessively high-water level are too serious to ignore and deserve consideration during waterproofing design stage.

Delta’s HLA is suitable for groundwater, surface, and foul water applications.  The Delta HLA is simple to install and offers three volt-free contacts for connection to external systems.  The Delta HLA provides a secondary line of protection in the event of mains power failure.  Its internal battery ensures continued operation of the alarm until mains power is restored.

The Delta HLA is ideal for retrofitting existing sump pump systems as well as for new installations.

The contemporary alarm offers audible and clear visual indicators of sump pump performance.  The system can be used in single or dual pump configurations and is suitable for groundwater, surface, and foul water applications.

Key benefits

  • Loud 85dB Alarm
  • An internal battery ensures continuous protection in the event of mains power failure
  • Works with Mini or Sump float switches
  • LEDs for visual status and warning
  • Mute and reset buttons
  • Three volt-free contacts for connection to external systems
  • Can be retrofitted

Typical Application

Designed for use in cavity drained protection/below ground waterproofing projects.  The Delta HLA is suitable for single or dual pump systems where no control panel is installed.

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