Did you know RIBA Product Selector has been replaced by NBS Source?

The NBS Source platform officially replaced RIBA Product Selector at the end of July 2020.  This exciting change allows specifiers to find products they need for their projects with ease and gives manufacturers, such as Delta Membrane Systems Limited a unique platform to offer high-quality digital product information at a click of a finger.

Improving transparency and integrity of information within the construction industry will only have benefits to all involved.

Going beyond just the Bill of Materials and managing Product Data across the entire Supply Chain.  By promoting and retaining a clear, current and accessible record of information relevant to projects will be of great assistance all round.  Not only will there be a clear indication of building safety in relation to fire, but there will be a clear paper trail from the initial building concept to completion of construction.  From here on in when buildings change ownership or management, there will always be a clear path for corrective action, refurbishment or renovation.

The ‘golden thread’ currently consists of four key information products:

  • the digital record;
  • the Fire and Emergency File;
  • Full Plans; and
  • the Construction Control Plan.

However, we envisage within the next year or two there will be perhaps six key information products.

The supply chain is the heart of many businesses’ operations. To make the best decisions, access to real-time data about products whilst utilising new technologies will only improve on information transparency, but will have the potential to revolutionise the supply chain entirely, offering a new undisruptive approach to the traditional ways of working, contributing to a smoothly running, self-regulating utility that optimally manages end-to-end information sharing.

The requirement for quality in construction should always be a key point when deciding on what materials to specify such as:

  • Does this product have a BBA Accreditation?
  • What is the life cycle of this product?
  • Can manufacturers make easily available third-party test data
  • Do materials meet fire regulations?
  • Do materials have CE Mark certification?
  • Are Product Data Sheets easily available?
  • Are Technical Guidance notes easily available?
  • Is there Technical Assistance both on and off site?

Just click this link to find Delta on NBS Source.

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