The Delta Bespoke 800 Series for larger domestic and commercial projects

Delta Membrane Systems Limited have substantially invested in their new range of package pump stations, including the opening of a dedicated Pump Distribution Hub close to its Epping Headquarters, with further investments planned for 2023.

Delta Membrane Systems Limited, recently launched “Delta Pumps” a customised department in all things basement drainage.  Under the newly formed department, ‘Delta Pumps’ will be offering wide range of standard and bespoke submersible pumps and pumping solutions for the waterproofing sector.

The Delta Bespoke 800 Series is suited for larger domestic and commercial projects due to its higher chamber capacity.

The Delta 800 Series of Package Pumping Stations are available in depths from 1250mm to 2000mm and with varying pumping capabilities from the Delta Single V3 Foul to powerful Delta Dual V6 pump.  Designed for pumping groundwater, surface water and foul water depending on specific project requirements.

Subject to specification, a sump pump is a mechanical solution used in conjunction with a Type C waterproofing solution to protect structures against groundwater.  The purpose of a sump chamber is to collect and discharge (to a suitable evacuation point) any water ingress which has collected in the cavity drain membrane system and to discharge ground water to a suitable external discharge point such as the mains drainage system.

The new 800 series of package pump stations compliments, Delta’s upgraded 695 and 895 chambers.

All of Delta’s sump pump stations are built for durability, longevity and designed to withstand the most demanding of below ground environments.  Whether it be a multi-level commercial, social facilities, or larger residential project, Delta Pumps say they have the solution to meet the specific needs of the contractor/architect/specifier.

Commenting on today’s announcement, Christopher Burbridge, Co-founder of Delta, said: “I’m incredibly proud of our continued success and delighted to see the company expanding operations with the opening of our Pump Distribution Hub.  Delta continues to receive strong support from the waterproofing community, helping us to drive product development and future growth plans.”

“The investment in ‘Delta Pumps’ signifies our business and team’s strengths.  With Kevin Dodds (Managing Director) overseeing our product development, I believe Delta will continue to add exciting new technology and products to our already impressive portfolio.”

“We recognise that every project has different requirements and therefore our Technical Teams work together as one, to provide tailored solutions that meet specific site and project needs.  We manufacture all our package pump stations in-house from design, through to assembly and testing.”

“We tailor the project scope to the client’s requirements, providing basement drainage designs for developments of all sizes.”

Delta Pumps are proud to be manufacturing and fabricating all their sump pump chambers from their new warehouse facilities in a new dedicated Pump Distribution Hub close to its Epping Headquarters to enhances the company’s ability to serve their nationwide customer base.

To explore the new range of Delta Pumps visit Package Pumps and Basement Drainage Systems – Delta Membranes.

Whatever the needs of your project, you can rely on Delta’s Technical Team to ensure you get the right advice, support, and practical help at exactly the right time its required.  Call us today on 01992 523 523 or email info@deltamembranes.com.




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