UK leading Manufacturer of Type C Cavity Drainage Systems, Delta Membrane Systems are revolutionising the waterproofing sector with the launch of the MS 500 Fire retardant system.

Taking steps to ensure tragedies like the Grenfell Tower don’t occur again, is top of most construction material manufacturer’s agendas.  In response to initial Inquiry findings, all construction materials should be developed to offer disaster-resistant buildings.

Delta propels the waterproofing sector with the launch of Delta MS 500 Fire Retardant system.

Utilising the highest grade of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Delta MS 500 Fire, has a fire classification of B-s2, d0 to ensure safe use in buildings.  Delta MS 500 Fire offers the same design flexibility as MS 500, whilst maintaining the brands quality, ensuring the system offers strength, durability, functionality and workability.

The first and most important element of a Type C membrane is keeping structures dry.  Water ingress will potentially result in a corrosive environment, with structures having a reduced life service.

Delta’s Managing Director and key player in Product Development, Kevin Dodds explains “Fire safety should be top of everyone’s list. With the Grenfell Tower disaster still fresh in everyone’s mind along with reports of wildfires raging the world, threatening homes and livelihoods, it’s vital for any construction material manufacturer to look at how they can do better.  Taking building materials as a first instance; some are more vulnerable to fire than others. Using fire retardant alternatives is a great first lines of defence in protecting a property against a potentially serious tragedy.”

“Our new MS 500 system, just does that.”

“The UK building materials industry is a healthy and competitive one, with plenty of big named brands vying for a customer’s attention,” commented Kevin. “Invariably all will have differences and it’s vitally important to ensure you’re not comparing Apples with Oranges.”

“We have invested heavily in quality control.  Through extensive testing of our MS 500 Fire membrane to varying British/European standards with recognised independent third parties, it shows our serious approach to delivering high quality products that we’re not afraid to put it to the test.”

Whether it’s structural waterproofing steels in a warehouse, to fire retardant Type C systems on a new-build.  Our Technical Team will be happy to provide a full specification and offer guidance throughout a project.

Introducing the new MS 500 Fire Retardant System

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