Experts in the waterproofing industry, Delta Membranes, launch their new Flood Resilience Brochure, explaining construction measures available to prevent or minimize flood water entering the building and damaging its fabric during a flood event and reducing the potential consequences where buildings are located in an area at risk of flooding. As Experts in the field we believe it’s a valuable resource for home owners, architects, specifiers, planners, engineers and specialist contractors alike.


You’ll find all the facts, technical information and products in one place in our Flood Resilience Brochure.  Click on this link to download.

How can Resistance and Resilience Help?

Whilst protecting a home from being flooded is not cheap, taking steps to protect your home from flooding may enable you to continue living in your home after a flood event and obtain insurance at a more affordable price.

Resistance and resilience measures can avoid the need to claim on insurance if you are flooded or reduce the value of any claim made. Insurers will take flood resilience measures into account when providing insurance to large commercial and public sector customers. For homeowners, specialist insurers will take account of resistance and resilience that are installed to reduce the effects of flooding.

What is a Flood Risk?

Flood risk takes into consideration the harm that a flood actually causes. It is a combination of the probability (likelihood or chance) of an event happening and the consequences (impact) if it were to occur.

Being flooded is an appalling experience.  Witnessing helplessly, as everything you have worked so hard for is thrown into a skip and the loss of precious sentimental items is completely devastating.

The misery of having to move out of your home and into alternative accommodation for months, sometimes years, has a far-reaching and long-term consequence.

A flood will take everything you have, including items of no value to anyone else.

Our new brochure explores assessment of flood water entering into buildings, BS 85500:2015, Solutions and Delta’s Flood Resilient, Resilience and Recoverability Principles.

Flood Resiliency is not a single solution, concept or perspective.  It’s an approach to changing the built environment.

Tried and Tested Waterproofing Solutions

As Manufacturers of waterproofing solutions and designs we have extensive knowledge of water ingress and how it naturally performs in below ground structures, however we needed to learn about flooding, types of flooding, how floods occur and the nature of the same.  The consequences of floods vary greatly depending on the location and extent of flooding and the vulnerability and value of the environments they affect.  The consequences of floods vary (depending) on their location, duration, depth and speed.

Water in a flood situation performs in a very similar mannerism to how it reacts underground in basement scenarios, where we have our expertise.

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