Delta PT 3mm mesh membrane for damp proofing

Delta PT 3mm mesh membrane for damp proofing

Delta PT 3mm mesh membrane has been developed specifically for addressing the issues of damp and contaminated walls, or where fast reinstatement of wall finishes is required after chemical damp proof injection.

Delta PT 3mm a High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) low profile studded membrane with a heat welded polypropylene mesh. The PT 3mm mesh provides a key for plasters, renders and dab fixing of plasterboards.

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Delta PT 3mm
  • Suitable for damp proofing
  • Provides key for plaster, renders or dab fix
  • Controls damp, salts and isolates other wall contaminants
  • An effective barrier to the transmission of salts, liquid water and water vapour
  • A “reversible” system, which will minimise damage to historical or heritage structures
  • Resistant to chemicals, root penetration, rot proof and neutral towards drinking water
  • Fast track installation
  • Suitable for new, existing and retrofit barn conversions
  • As part of a damp proofing system
  • Refurbishment of contaminated walls

Delta PT 3mm is fixed to the wall using Delta PT Plugs or on softer more friable surfaces Delta FlexiDri Plus Plugs. Fixings are installed at 250mm vertical and horizontal centres.

Joints between sheets of the Delta PT 3mm mesh membrane are sealed using Delta Tape, Delta mastic or where butt jointed using Delta Fleece tape.

Renders and Plasters are applied to Delta 3mm mesh membrane in two coats by trowel application, the first coat is pushed into the dimples, and giving cover to the mesh of 6mm, this should be lightly scratched and allowed to dry before the second coat of 9mm is applied. Skim finishes can be applied in the normal way.

When dab fixing plaster boards to Delta PT 3mm, dabs are applied directly over the fixing heads, the adhesive dabs should cover at least 50% of the surface of the Delta 3mm membrane.

Product Details
Delta PT 3mm
Product Code:
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Sheet Thickness:
0.4 mm
Stud Height:
3 mm
Roll Size:
2 x 20m
Air Volume Between Studs:
2 L/M²
Temperature Resistance:
-30°C to +80°C
R Value:
Theoretical value: based on a supposed specific thermal conductivity of HDPE 0,42 W/m x K, the R value would be 0,001
Reaction to Fire:
EN13501-1 Class E
Delta PT 3mm
  • NBS Specification J40 (Clause 290) Flexible Sheet Tanking/Damp Proofing
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