Delta Amphibia 1.6mm pre-post applied membrane

Delta Amphibia 1.6mm pre-post applied membrane

Delta Amphibia 1.6mm  is a Pre- & Post- Applied Fully Bonded Waterproofing Membrane with Reactive Core.

Delta Amphibia Pre Applied membrane is a 1.6mm thick co-extruded multi-layer  waterproofing membrane. This robust, tough but flexible waterproofing membrane is ideal for all construction applications.

Delta Amphibia 1.6mm is an EPDM waterproof membrane available in two widths, reactive to contact with water, self-repairing, self-sealing and self-fastening to concrete.

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Delta Amphibia 1.6mm membrane
  • Cold application with easy visual inspection of correct installation
  • Resistant to groundwater
  • Self-sealing overlapping’s
  • Absolute impermeability with no side seepage of water
  • High puncture resistance
  • Immediate mechanical protection, self-repairing also on accidental holes
  • High resistance to hydraulic load
  • High flexibility and capacity to bridge cracks
  • Total adhesion to the reinforced concrete structure
  • Easy passage of connecting reinforcements with self-sealing holes

Waterproofing and protection of concrete underground structures such as residential and commercial buildings, shopping centres,
public works etc, which require close and continuous contact between the waterproofing product and structure (foundation
slabs and walls, against slurry walls, piles, Berlinese or disposable formwork. It can also be used in other structures such as channels,
tanks, purification systems and tunnels.  Anti-damp protection for concrete structures built at ground level
such as underfloor screeds.

Delta Amphibia Pre-Applied Membrane 1.6mm can be used:

  • Multi-storey underground constructions
  • Cellars, garages, tavern, technical rooms, underground rooms in general
  • Tunnels, underpasses, and similar infrastructures
  • Inground pool waterproofing
  • Existing cellars, garages, tavern, technical rooms, underground rooms in general
  • Existing tunnels, underpasses, and similar infrastructures
  • Elevator pits/lightwells
Product Details
Delta Amphibia 1.6mm membrane
Product Code:
DMS 1000 (0.9m x 10m roll)
DMS 1001 (1.8m x 20m roll)
Roll Weight (0.9m x 10m):
Roll Weight (1.8m x 20m):
Tolerance (0.9m x 10m):
+/- 5%
Tolerance (1.8m x 20m):
+/- 5%
Delta Amphibia 1.6mm membrane
  • BS 8102:2022 Code of practice for protection of below ground structures against water from the ground
  • NBS J40 / 130 – Flexible Sheet Tanking / waterproofing
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