Delta Aquaduct Connector Ancillaries

Delta Aquaduct Connector Ancillaries

Delta Aquaduct is an external land drain coil.

Available in 2 lengths/widths with complimentary connectors also available (also referred to as couplers or joiners) to connect multiple coils of Delta Aquaduct together.

We stock a variety of connectors (straight connectors, T-Pieces, Y-Pieces and end caps) which can be installed quickly and effortlessly.

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Delta Aquaduct Ancillaries
  • Straight connectors
  • T-Pieces
  • Y-Pieces
  • End caps
  • User Friendly
  • Seamless Application
  • Easily linked
Product Details
Delta Aquaduct Ancillaries
Product Code:
DMS 087 Aquaduct 60 Straight Connector
DMS 089 Aquaduct 60 T-Piece Connector
DMS 102 Aquaduct 60 Y-Piece Connector
DMS 096 Aquaduct 100 Straight Connector
DMS 095 Aquaduct 100 T-Piece Connector
DMS 098 Aquaduct 100 Y-Piece Connector
DMS 145 Aquaduct 60 End Caps (red/Blue bung)
Technical Drawings

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