Delta Glass Wall Board T3+ Insulation

Delta Glass Wall Board T3+ Insulation

Delta Glass Wall Board T3+ insulation consists of T3+ slabs bonded together and is manufactured from specially graded recycled glass and natural raw materials.

Delta Glass Wall Board’s upper side of the insulation board is lined with a PE/Glass Fleece Composite, the bottom liner is with Glass Fleece; the top side is yellow, the bottom side is white.

This adaptable construction material is flame resistant and contains no VOC.

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Delta Glass Wall Board T3+

Delta Glass Wall Board T3+ is Suitable for:

  • Façades
  • Cavity Walls
  • Belowgrade Walls
  • Walls and soffits; interior insulation behind brick lining, plasterboard stud wall construction

Benefits of Delta Glass Wall Board T3+:

  • Manufactured from specially graded recycled glass (≥ 60%) and natural raw materials
  • The insulation is totally inorganic, contains no ozone depleting propellants, flame resistant additives or binders
  • Without VOC or other volatile substances
  • Flame Resistant

Insulation of:

  • façades
  • cavity walls
  • belowgrade: walls
  • Interior wall
Product Details
Delta Glass Wall Board T3+
Product Code:
Special Order - please ring 01992 523 523
Density (± 15%) (EN 1602):
100 kg/m3
Thickness (EN 823) ± 2 mm:
from 50 to 200 mm
Length (EN 822) ± 5 mm:
1200 mm
Width (EN 822) ± 2 mm:
600 mm
Thermal conductivity (EN ISO 10456):
D ≤ 0.036 W/(m·K)
Reaction to fire (EN 13501-1):
Euroclass E (Core material Euroclass A1)
Point load (EN 12430):
PL ≤ 1.5 mm
Compressive strength (EN 826 annex A):
CS ≥ 500 kPa
Bending strength (EN 12089):
BS ≥ 450 kPa
Tensile strength (EN 1607):
TR ≥ 150 kPa
Compressive creep (EN 1606):
CC (1.5/1/50) 225
Service temperature limits:
from -265°C to +430°C
Water vapour resistance (EN ISO 10456):
μ = ∞
Melting point (cf DIN 4102-17):
>1000 C°
Thermal expansion coefficient (EN 13471):
9 x 10-6 K-1
Specific heat (EN ISO 10456):
1000 J/(kg·K)
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