Delta PT (including Delta PT/Plaster Lath and PT Slimline)

Delta PT (including Delta PT/Plaster Lath and PT Slimline)

Delta PT is a High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) cavity drain membrane.  Delta PT has been designed to incorporate a plastic mesh which is welded to the surface of this dimpled sheeting membrane.  Suitable as an impermeable damp proofing base for plaster or shotcrete (and as a water control and drainage membrane) in tunnel construction or for remedial damp proofing and waterproofing of existing basements internally.

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Delta PT (including Delta PT/Plaster Lath and PT Slimline)
  • Type C Drained Protection in accordance with BS 8102:2009
  • BBA Approved
  • A reversible system, which will minimize damage to historical or heritage structures
  • Virgin high density polyethylene studded/moulded sheet (HDPE)
  • An effective barrier to the transmission of salts, liquid water and water vapour
  • Available in 2 stud heights
  • Resistant to chemicals, root penetration, rot proof, neutral towards drinking water
  • Suitable for Flood Resilience
  • Resistant to Carbon Dioxide, Radon and Methane
  • Neutral towards drinking water

Available in 3 stud heights: 8mm, 7mm and 4mm.

Depending on the application required and the site conditions, the membrane may be used as:

  • a dry lining for walls, ventilated into the room via aeration slots at the top and bottom of the wall or via passive air vents, where access through an external wall is available
  • a sealed system covering wall, floor and ceiling with provision made for disposing of water build-up behind the membrane via a sump and pump.

It can support plastering, rendering or a dry lining fixed by plaster dabs (where appropriate) in the following situations:

  • on damp walls in underground situations subject to high groundwater levels, and perennial moisture
  • on vaulted ceilings of archways or cellars subject to water ingress
  • in conjunction with a remedial dpc system where the walls have a high salt content, and/or it is necessary to complete the installation immediately without allowing a period for initial drying
  • over walls which have a friable or painted surface, are contaminated with oil or mould, or have a high salt content
  • as a waterproofing membrane in areas subject to vibration.
Product Details
Delta PT (including Delta PT/Plaster Lath and PT Slimline)
Product Code:
DMS 001/ DMS 002
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Sheet Thickness:
Stud Height:
8 mm
Roll Size:
2.0 x 20m/ 1.5 x 10m
Compressive Strength:
70 kN/M²
Drainage Capacity:
5 L/S M
300 L/MIN M
18 100 L/H M
Void between studs:
5.5 l/m²
Temperature Resistance:
-30°C to +80°C
Behaviour of Fire:
Class E
Delta PT (including Delta PT/Plaster Lath and PT Slimline)
  • NBS Specification J40 (Clause 290) Flexible Sheet Tanking/Damp Proofing
  • BS 8102:2009 Type C Drained Protection.
Delta PT (including Delta PT/Plaster Lath and PT Slimline)
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