DualProof – Pre-applied, fully bonded membrane

DualProof – Pre-applied, fully bonded membrane

A new durable watertight solution for below ground structures. A pre-applied membrane that protects against groundwater ingress as well as gases and chemicals.

DualProof is a fully and permanently bonded, pre-applied membrane. It is applied before the steel reinforcement is fixed and the concrete poured. It consists of a sealed two layer highly flexible PVC membrane laminated with a non-woven PP-fleece. DualProof is pre-applied and is installed without heat or open-flame, overlapped and sealed with butyl tape and special adhesive for detailing. The new PP FiberTex Technology gives the DualProof its unique bond and connection to the concrete. The PP-Fleece integrates into the concrete when poured giving a strong mechanical bond once cured.

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Areas of use

DualProof can be applied horizontally as well as vertically and is used in all applications where structures require protection against groundwater and seepage.

Typically used in the following  constructions:

  • New build basements
  • Foundations
  • Tunnels
  • Garages
  • All other concrete constructions below ground

Advantages of DualProof

  • Waterproof, damp proof, gas proof and gives concrete protection against chemicals
  • Tough and resistant, quick and easy to install, high compound shear strength
  • Can be installed in every season regardless of temperature and weather condition
  • No need for complicated welding equipment and specially trained staff, overlapping can be easily secured with Delta Double-sided Tape and detailing around corners with CEM 805 adhesive
  • Prevents any lateral water migration between the waterproofing membrane and the structural concrete
  • Seals small cracks in the concrete
  • Can be used in saltwater conditions
  • CE marked and DIN certified
Product Details
Product Code:
DMS 480
Roll size:
1.08m x 20m
Behaviour in Fire:
Class E
  • BS 8102:2022, Code of practice for protection of below ground structures against water from the ground
  • NBS J40 / 130 – Flexible Sheet Tanking/waterproofing
Technical Drawings

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