Koster Joint Tape 30

Koster Joint Tape 30

Koster Joint Tape 30 is a thermoplastic tape for sealing and bridging expansion and dilation joints and broad, irregular cracks.

Koster Joint Tape 30 is UV resistant, highly elastic and can withstand extreme movements of joints.

Koster joint Tape is used in conjunction with Koster KB Pox adhesive, a high-performance adhesive for adhering the joint tape to mineral substrates.

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Koster Joint Tape 30
  • Excellent Workability
  • Suitable for concrete, mortar, wood, metal, steel, aluminium, glass fibre reinforced plastics, epoxy mortar, natural and artificial stone substrates
  • Excellent for waterproofing joints of slabs and walls
  • Excellent for waterproofing wide and irregular cracks
  • For Horizontal and Vertical dilation joints
  • Easy application
  • Seamless application
  • Can be air welded at 270°c
  • UV resistant
  • Highly elastic
  • Can withstand extreme movements of joints

Typical uses

  • Terraces and balconies
  • Facades
  • Wet rooms
  • Foundations and curtain walls
  • Concrete pipes
  • Water basins
  • Swimming pools
  • Dilatation joints
  • Tunnels
  • Park houses
  • Power plants
  • Wastewater tanks, waste water treatment plants, etc.

For matchless performance, do not stress the waterproof system until 48 hours after installation. Also, ensure the system does not come into contact with rain/frost until completely cured.

Tools/machinery are to be cleaned directly after use – Relatively recent epoxy must be cleaned with Koster Universal Cleaner.  Cured KB Pox Adhesive will need to be mechanically removed.

Do not install Koster Joint Tape 30 if temperatures are below +5 °C.

Product Details
Koster Joint Tape 30
Product Code:
30cm X 20m
Pot life:
If stored in a cool and dry place – minimum 12 months
Technical Drawings

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