Koster KB Pox Adhesive

Koster KB Pox Adhesive

Koster KB Pox Adhesive is a high performing, 2 component epoxy adhesive specifically produced for securing Koster Joint Tape 20.

Koster KB Pox Adhesive consists of 100% solid and is solvent free.

KB Pox’s thixotropic material creates immense adhesive strength to concrete, mortar, metal, wood, and a wide range of other building materials.

Koster KB Pox Adhesive develops robust strength promptly and is suitable for vertical and overhead installation.

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Koster KB Pox Adhesive
  • High performing
  • 2 Component
  • Epoxy based
  • User Friendly
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Seamless Application
  • Contains a high adhesive strength to a wide range of building materials
  • Thixotropic material
  • Suitable for overhead and vertically application
  • Highly Reactive
  • Apply in temperatures above + 5 °C
  • Suitable for negative side of substrate
  • High Strength
  • 100% Solid
  • Solvent Free

Not suitable to apply on wet or frozen surfaces.

Do not apply KD Pox system on weak surfaces, if unsure test the pull off strength.

Tools/machinery are to be cleaned directly after use – Relatively recent epoxy must be cleaned with Koster Universal Cleaner.  Cured KB Pox Adhesive will need to be mechanically removed.

Only work in adequately vented areas.

Always wear protective clothing, gloves and safety goggles during the processing and application of Koster KB Pox Adhesive.

If Koster KB Pox Adhesive comes into direct contact with skin/eyes, wash off instantly with clean water.

Product Details
Koster KB Pox Adhesive
Product Code:
1.80 g/cm³
Pot life:
Whilst in used 65 minutes. If in original packaging – a minimum 6 months.
Technical Drawings

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