Koster One-Day-Site Packer

Koster One-Day-Site Packer

Koster One-Day-Site Packer is a superior injection packer used for Koster Injection Resin systems.

Koster One-Day-Site Packers connect to Koster Injection Resin Pump allowing resins to be injected directly into substrates.

One-Day-Site Packers come with a green rubber gasket to ensure secure pressure is applied deeply in drill holes, to create a higher resistance and to lessen chances of the packers damaging substrates.

This unique packer has four fins and two ridges on the rubber gasket for prevention of rotation during tightening.

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Koster One-Day-Site Packer
  • High Quality
  • Highly Reactive
  • User Friendly
  • Seamless application
  • Commonly drilled with 10-15cm spacing
  • No Pre-determined breaking point
  • Spanners are to be screwed off after use
  • The Spanner can be removed instantly after injection
  • Drill hole can be sealed with Koster KB-Fix 5
  • Most Commonly used in basements/below ground

Koster One-Day-Site Packers are non-re-useable

Always wear protective clothing, gloves and safety goggles during the processing and application of Koster One-Day-Site Packers.

For high quality performance Koster One-Day-Site Packers need to be installed at least 5.5cm deep into the drill hole.

Product Details
Koster One-Day-Site Packer
Product Code:
13mm x 90mm/120mm CH
100 Box
Pot life:
When Stored In a Cool Dry Place No Limited Storage Life
Technical Drawings

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