Koster Repair Mortar NC

Koster Repair Mortar NC

Koster Repair Mortar NC can be used for structurally relevant repair and touch up of voids and for levelling of concrete defects.

Repair Mortar NC is a repair mortar and plaster with excellent workability. It has a high adhesion to old and new mineral building material substrates. Repair Mortar NC is characterised by high chemical and mechanical resistance and compressive strength. It is fibre reinforced.

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Koster Repair Mortar NC
  • Excellent Workability
  • Suitable for relevant repair and touch up of voids
  • Suitable for levelling of concrete
  • For Horizontal and Vertical application
  • Low shrinkage
  • Easy application
  • Seamless application
  • Ideally suited as substrate preparation for corrosion protection which are exposed to low pH environments.
  • The material is especially suited as a repair mortar for use in structural members which are exposed to exceptional chemical and mechanical stresses

Suitable for:

  • agricultural construction,
  • chimneys with corrosive flue gas conditions or wastewater applications

When installing mortars substrate preparation is of vital importance. Pre-wet all mineral substrates before the installation of Repair Mortar NC. The surface near pore structure must be saturated, (avoiding standing water and puddles) so that it does not absorb water from the applied mortar.

Product Details
Koster Repair Mortar NC
Product Code:
DMS 284
25 kg
Minimum application temperature:

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