Koster Superfleece (reinforcing fabric)

Koster Superfleece (reinforcing fabric)

Koster Superfleece is a distinctive non-woven, high strength polyester, reinforcing fabric for liquid waterproofing products.

Koster Superfleece cures after absorbing liquid waterproofing products (Koster MS Flex Foil, Koster NB Elastic, Koster Deuxan, Koster Bikuthan, Koster Dachflex, Koster KBE, and Koster BD 50), creating an incredibly high tear strength of 20 N.

Superfleece is applied for reinforcement corners and areas in structures prone to cracking and attaching to gullies/gutters.

Koster Superfleece is most commonly installed on balconies, terraces, roofs, floor-wall joints, corners, edges, cracks ect.

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Koster Superfleece
  • High Flexibility
  • Light Non-woven fabric
  • Hydrophilic
  • Bonds well with most waterproofing products
  • Versatile
  • Suitable to use with a wide range of waterproof liquid systems
  • Suitable to use on saturated substrates
  • Tear Free
  • High Strength polyester
  • Crack Bridging Properties
  • Seamless application
  • Cures by absorbing liquid waterproofing products

For elite performance ensure overlaps are a minimum of 5cm.

When applying Koster Superfleece, check substrates are dry and laitance, oils and fats free.

Product Details
Koster Superfleece
Product Code:
DMS354 / DMS 360
1.05 x 50m - DMS354
10cm x 50m - DMS360
Pot life:
Can be stored for at least 36 months
Technical Drawings

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