MemTech Pro Void Vent 25

MemTech Pro Void Vent 25

MemTech’s Void Vent 25 offers a passive venting solution which facilitates the dispersal and dilution of dangerous gases.  MemTech’s Void Vent 25 has been specially designed to provide for high levels of air and/or gas flow.

MemTech’s Void Vent 25 is incomparable for its protection against dangerous gases and chemicals.  Optimised for maximum strength and performance.

MemTech Void Vent 25 is a cuspated HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) membrane with a geotextile filter/separator.  Void Vent 25 has been designed to be installed with the geotextile filter side of the product to be in contact with the ground to allow for air and/or gas flow.  Void Vent 25 is available in either a 25mm or 40mm depth.

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Pro Void Vent 25
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • High gas flow capacity
  • Creates a de-pressurisation zone for collection of ground gases
  • Suitable for new and existing structures
  • Independently tested by UKAS
  • BBA Certified
  • High resistance to puncture
  • Complies with BRE211:2015 and BS 8485:2015+A1:2019

MemTech Void Vent 25 provides a passive means of ventilation  for ground gas protection when used in conjunction with:

  • MemTech Liquid Gas Barrier ‘LGB’
  • MemTech M1
  • MemTech R1
  • MemTech Titon


Product Details
Pro Void Vent 25
Product Code:
DMS 404
High Density Polyethylene
Roll Width:
Roll Length:
Gross roll weight:
CBR Puncture Resistance:
kN 1.4 (-0.14)
Tensile Strength (MD/CMD):
kN/m 20/15 (-2.0/-1.5)
Compressive Strength:
kPa 300
Pore Size (O90) [geotextile]:
µm 80 (±20)
Water Flow Capacity [Composite] (200kPa, (i) =1):
l/m/s 5
Gas Flow Capacity [Composite]:
m3/s 0.024
Pro Void Vent 25
  • BS8485:2015+A1:2019 Geocomposite Passive Ventilation System
Technical Drawings

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