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When choosing a waterproofing solution, common sense should naturally dictate to look for products which offer a long service life, bonding abilities, watertightness, thermal performance, a high compressive strength, and sustainability, however suitability is one aspect which is often overlooked but incredibly important.

Remediation of poor or missing waterproofing systems, once construction is complete – can cost anywhere between 10 to 100 times that of installing them during the construction phase.

Given the importance of a building’s performance, and the subsequent effort involved in remediating deficiencies, it is critical that below ground waterproofing solutions are compatible with one another and the structure itself.  Product and material compatibility are crucial for successful structural waterproofing approaches.

Below ground structures are subjected to harsh environments, from geological conditions such as streams flowing deep below ground surfaces to unstable ground such as clay soil or high-water tables.  Environmental stress such as movement, can also be a problem, however these can easily be identified, and the risk designed out when appointing a suitably qualified waterproofing design specialist.

In cases of material/product compatibility using a single source for waterproofing systems is a safe approach.  Disputes and the cost of litigation can be a headache for many and one that can be avoided by using a single source for accountability.

To assure material compatibility and to limit liability, using a manufacturer for project specification is incredibly beneficial.

Products supplied by a single source, such as manufacturer who has tested the compatibility of materials with structures, assumes liability for failures created by product incompatibilities.

It is our job to make sure we deliver a complete design/build package to our customers and clients – we ask the right questions to make certain we know exactly what they want and need for a robust solution.  We are willing to stand behind our solutions, as a single source responsibility.

All Delta products, when installed by a competent Delta Registered Installer come with long-term product guarantees.  This can further be backed up with Delta Registered Installer Insurance backed guarantees giving the customer complete peace of mind.

From cold liquid applied waterproofing to Type C, cavity drain membranes we ensure our technical team have a complete understanding of our products and their specification which will avoid any compatibility issues.  We would never specify a waterproofing product, knowing it to be unsuitable for the intended application.

Each member of our technical team is empowered by a working culture that offers both collaboration and autonomy to achieve the highest levels of innovation.  The Delta team has a broad range of experience and can design, survey, and advise on a full range of structural waterproofing solutions.  Whatever size of project, the Delta team will always show the same honest and clear approach working with the client to deliver a robust, systematic, and economic waterproof design.

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