What is Flood Resistance, Resilience and Recoverability?

The aim of this CPD presentation is to provide architects and designers with a deeper understanding of the concepts of flood resilience, resistance and recoverability.

Run free of charge at times and locations to suit including lunch.

Our RIBA CPD, consists of a 30 minute presentation plus Question & Answer session which can be held either at your offices, online or at Delta’s dedicated training facility at our head office in Epping, Essex.

The seminar aims to explore flood resilience, resistance and recoverability and in particular the use of technologies which have been used historically in below ground structural waterproofing in a variety of different situations from domestic to commercial structures. In addition, the CPD covers important insights for designers when designing a robust flood resilient solution.

This comprehensive session will cover:

  • What is a flood
  • How do we define a flood?
  • What is a Flood
  • What is a Flood Risk?
  • Facts about Flood Risk
  • Assessment of flood water into buildings
  • BS85500:2015
  • What is Flood Resilience
  • Solutions
  • Resistance, Resilience & Recoverability
  • Resistance and Recoverability
  • Design Principles

Designing for flood resilience, resistance and recoverability: tips for architects and designers

Flooding is at a new time high in the United Kingdom.  Between 2015/2016 flooding was ever present in the news, which saw families left homeless and homes destroyed.  An estimated 5.2 million homes are at risk from surface, river and coastal flooding; over 400,000 of these homes are classed as ‘extreme high risk’.

Both the construction and insurance sectors have recognised that this area needs attention and it needs attention now.

Homes already constructed in a flood prone area will require adapting, whilst developers need to take flood prevention measures into consideration when commencing new developments.

This seminar will introduce the key principles of designing for flood resistance, resilience and recoverability. From the various types of flooding events to techniques available for resistance, resilience and recoverability.  The speaker will discuss design principles to both new and existing structures and will utilise case studies and worked examples on how these techniques may be applied effectively.

The similar is followed by a short animation.

Who is this training seminar designed for?

  • Architects
  • Designers
  • Structural Warranty providers or those working in the structural warranty sector
  • Anyone who works within the environments of design, planning and installation of flood resilience
  • Those wishing to keep pace with current standards and design principles
  • Anyone wishing to expand their overall knowledge of BS85500:2015
  • Those seeking to refresh knowledge
  • New employees
  • Those who wish to update their skills and gain more knowledge

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