Structural Waterproofing for Podium Decks and Buried Roofs - Continual Professional Development Seminar

There are many common pitfalls when it comes to designing a waterproofing system for podium decks, buried roofs, balconies, and terraces.  These complex constructions require an in-depth knowledge of construction along with structural waterproofing.  From Differential movement to drainage, both should be key considerations as part of the building design process.  The aim of this CPD presentation is to provide Architects/Designers and Specifiers with a technical approach to the concepts of successful design.

Delta Membrane Systems Limited provides a full range of waterproofing and damp proofing solutions for architects, specifiers, developers, contractors, and homeowners on new, retrofit and refurbishment construction and in flood resilience.  We also offer technical solutions ground gas protection, protecting structures from harmful ground gases such as radon, carbon dioxide, methane, and hydrocarbons.

As manufacturers of quality systems, it is imperative to work with quality installation companies. At Delta, we pride ourselves that we have built a team of highly qualified, reliable approved Registered Installers who operate throughout the UK, who specialise across our sector.

Our RIBA approved CPD Seminar, is a 45-minute presentation which offers delegates an informative question & answer session which can be held: either at your offices, online, or at Delta’s dedicated training facility at our head office in Epping, Essex.

This comprehensive session will cover important considerations for successful waterproofing design:

  • Structure Definitions
  • Different methods of deck construction
  • Design Principles
  • Different usage of structures
  • Waterproofing types
  • Standards and Regulations
  • BS 8102:2022
  • Codes of Practices
  • Selection of appropriate drainage systems
  • Case studies and examples of failures


Seminar Outline

Structural waterproofing is a general term used within the construction industry that covers methods and treatments to describe waterproofing any structure. Waterproofing or Structural Waterproofing is applicable to any construction under-ground or below ground level.  Damp proofing refers to resistance to humidity or dampness above ground level.

To avoid waterproofing failure, different design considerations for the structure should be applied, such as whether it is a buried roof and/or podium deck.  Implementing these considerations will contribute to a successful waterproofing strategy.

A Waterproofing Designer’s philosophy defines what they wish to accomplish in the design of their waterproofing system and which principles they will use to do so.

The requirement to waterproof:

  • Protect the deck surface from water accumulation
  • Prevent the ingress of water to the space below and
  • Prevent water ingress into buildings supported on and/or adjacent to the deck.

Identifying a robust and suitable design philosophy is an important aspect when designing a continuous system, as this will not only directly impact in how users install the system but also in future maintenance which will directly impact on the property owner.

Focus should be on a life-cycle oriented design, addressing life-cycle concepts and methods, deterioration and damage evaluation, life-cycle performance indicators, inspection and maintenance procedures all implemented to work in harmony.

Also Available:

  • Literature
  • Installation Code of Practice
  • CAD Drawing

For whom is this training seminar designed?

This CPD seminar is suitable for:

  • Architects
  • Designers
  • Specifiers
  • Structural Engineers
  • Structural Warranty providers or those working in the structural warranty sector
  • Anyone who works within the environments of design, planning, and installation of any structural waterproofing projects below ground
  • Anyone wishing to expand their overall knowledge of waterproofing and wish to have a better understanding of BS8102:2022
  • Those wishing to form a better understanding of water management in basements and below ground structures in relation to waterproofing
  • Anyone involved in retrofit basements and below ground structures
  • Those seeking to refresh knowledge
  • New employees
  • Those who wish to update their skills and gain more knowledge

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