Tailored Technician Workshops

Delta’s tailored technician workshops are a popular choice! Held throughout the UK either on-site and/or at our training facilities. Our tailored technician workshops provide a comprehensive approach to design, legislation, product mixing, application, and products of your choice. From reviewing requirements, technologies to practical issues. Our tailored workshops are interactive, from theory to practical, with delegates encouraged to raise specific problems they have encountered or would like our expert advice and assistance on.

Delta’s tailored technician workshops are a fantastic opportunity for technicians, we’ll share best practice advice and experience – which are key to creating a robust, effective, and efficient solution. Delivered by experts in their respective fields, we use our expertise to encourage learning and engagement. Whether you want to touch a little or a lot on one subject, the entire workshop (whether it is an hour long to a day-long to 2-days) will completely focus on your needs and requirements.

Develop practical skills and technical expertise for a successful career in waterproofing.

Who is this training course designed for?

The course is suitable for:

  • Contractors, Surveyors, Architects, Engineers,
  • Anyone involved in retrofit and new build basements
  • Those seeking to refresh product application and knowledge
  • New employees (for those already registered as Delta Registered Installers)
  • Anyone who works within the environments of design, planning and installation of any structural waterproofing projects below ground
  • Anyone wishing to expand their overall knowledge of waterproofing and wish to have a better understanding of BS8102:2009
  • Those wishing to form a better understanding of water management in basements and below ground structures in relation to waterproofing
  • Those seeking to begin the path to become a Delta Registered Installer.

How is the training course structured?

These specially tailored workshops can comprise of theory and practical, just practical, or just theory. The workshops enable us to offer one to one mentoring by our experienced team or a group training session on a subject which suits your business needs. Each workshop will guide delegates through product specification, design, product mixing, product application so that by the conclusion of the workshop, you will have a newfound understanding and skill set.

Workshop courses cover:

A technical presentation featuring:

  • Principles of Waterproofing Design
  • Positive side or negative side waterproofing concepts
  • Leak Stopping Systems
  • Substates and product suitability
  • Surface preparation
  • Product Application

Practical demonstrations and “first-hand” session that will cover.

  • Primers and Surface Preps
  • Applying Leak Stopping Systems
  • Crack Stopping Systems
  • Product Mixing
  • Applying waterproofing products

Products covered:

  • Koster Waterproofing solutions
  • Delta Waterproofing solutions
  • Ground Gas Protection Systems
  • Delta Roof Guard
  • Maxx Sump Pump Systems
  • Flood Resilience solutions

The theory element of the workshop course is one that builds on knowledge, which is further explored through practical demonstrations to gain a true understanding of the systems and how they can be used in application on both new build and existing structures.

About us:

Delta Membrane Systems Ltd is the leading Type C Cavity Drain Membrane Manufacturer in the United Kingdom. Delta provides a full range of waterproofing and damp proofing solutions. We also supply ground gas protection membranes protecting structures from harmful ground gases such as radon, carbon dioxide, methane & hydrocarbons.

Delta’s focus is to provide a training course which delivers long-term value to those in the waterproofing sector (from designer to technician). Delta seeks to nurture talents and to share innovative approaches to Type C waterproofing. We work with one aim in mind: to help you understand water ingress, principles of waterproofing design, reducing risk, product specification and correct product installation.

How will the Delta course benefit me?

At the end of this training day, you will be able to use your new gained knowledge immediately.

Our training courses are held to a maximum capacity of 25 attendees.

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